Ring the Alarm Statement in Dutch Parliament and Summary of all results

Ring the Alarm is regarded by Operation Bobbi Bear (OBB) and Action pour les Enfants (APLE) as a success for various reasons. By calling for legal solutions to the issue, Ring the Alarm seems to have filled a gap that was left by the more politically influential children’s rights organizations through their reluctance to speak out against (the unbanning of) Martijn and the more aggressively loaded organized pubic protest.

Amongst other successes Ring the Alarm reached over 1 million Dutch viewers in a 10 minute interview on national television and directors Jackie Branfield (OBB) and Seila Samleang (APLE) handed over the Ring the Alarm petition to Dutch Parliament. Afterwards they discussed it at length with several members of Parliament. The statement they gave on behalf of 198 organizations worldwide and a complete summary of all the results can be found here:

Click here for the statement.

Click here for the summary.

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