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About Martijn:

Martijn was started in 1982. It started with a magazine called Martijn (later renamed as ‘OK Magazine’) about adult-child (sexual) relationships and from there on an (advocacy) association was founded. From 2006 to 2010, the same people affiliated with Martijn conducted activities to have a political party registered (called the Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit – PNVD) for promoting the social acceptance of sexual relationships between children and adults. One of the aims of PNVD is to abolish the age of consent in The Netherlands. In addition, they wanted to allow young people to appear in pornographic productions from the age at which they can legally have sexual relations. Martijn exists to offer a network of support for pedophiles and glorifies sexual relationships between children and adults. Martijn has stated that “erotic contacts between adults and children, that are pleasurable and consensual, should be accepted by society”. Not only is Martijn known for their glorification of sexual contact between adults and children, it is also well known, and acknowledged by the courts that ruled in this case, that a number of the (former) members of Martijn are convicted child-molesters.

After widespread protest against this pedophile advocacy association, the public prosecutor decided to request for the banning of Martijn. On the 27th of June 2012, the court of Assen banned Martijn. However, on the 2nd of April 2013 the appeal court of Leeuwarden reversed this ruling. The public prosecutor has taken this case to the Supreme Court in The Netherlands for a definitive ruling.

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