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  1. Hermansova Reply

    Stop this organisation Martijn this is legalisation of mis-using children

  2. Marc van der Weel Reply

    Children must live in a safe world!

  3. David Marsh Reply

    Always supporting all those who expose this massive problem of “Child abusers”, from all your friends at Tom Thumb Thank you.

  4. Hammer Reply

    Don’t let me see you in my country, Martijn!

  5. Susanta Jana Reply

    Child should be given proper development in his /her life . Any Organisation or Individual such type of mind should be immediate stoppped .
    Thanking You

  6. Mr. Vibol Reply

    Those who sexually abused children should be sentenced to life and banned strictly on travelling abroad

  7. M. van Zwam Reply

    I think it is fantastic dat ‘Ring the Alarm’ tries to protect our children. Our gouvernments seem to lack the will and determination to go against the pedo’s. Why? Perhaps because they themselves have ‘childloving’ tendencies? Perhaps because they still believe that pedo’s will ‘recover’ and become ‘normal’? It is crystal clear that pedo’s have an affliction. Perhaps they are not responsible for being that way, but a gouvernment should always protect children and young adults from the predators pedo’s are. The pedo’s rights to privacy and freedom must needs be surpassed by the children’s rights to live their lives in a way that is in accordance with their age.

  8. Johan Beyers Reply

    Any organisation that works toward the protection of our children needs to be supported. Thank you “Ring the Alarm” for standing up for our children.

  9. Molly Jester Reply

    Thank you APLE and your partners globally working to protect children and vulnerable populations. As always you inspire us.

  10. Umer Farooq Awan Reply

    This is a noble cause and we should all work to stop all kind of exploitations against the children.

  11. Robert Cohen Reply

    Great initiative to see some people stand strong without hesitation against the nonsense of that Judge who allows such group to go legal. Unbelievable shocking news that pedophiles can have a platform to advocate and promote their stuff. Anybody thinking about protecting our kids from such devious people?

  12. oyeyemi Reply

    we most fight this people with all that we have,we most come together as a team of ngo working with children and win this war for our children.this is a most and we will win this one.stay blessed

  13. Khurram Jamal Shahid Reply

    We should advocate for the rights of children all over the world by providing them a safe environment where they got all their human rights.

  14. beatriz gonzales Reply

    Wij moet stoppen de pedofilien!!!,,,kinderen zijn Untouchables!!!,,,Wij moet zijn de Stem van de Hulpeloos!!

  15. מכשירי שמיעה Reply

    You are doing great job – keep in touch

  16. Pat Southwood-Theron Reply

    Please stop this children are so vulnerable the future for everyone we can allow one lot of people to rule the universe for their own pleasure.
    Surely there is enough companies to manufacture rubbber doll children for these people’s needs. Although I think they entire sick basically lock them up and throw away the key..


    people tend to forget where they come from “they were children before becoming adult” they should stop and together lets protect the children

  18. Vibroaction maroc Reply

    Together for the protection of our children.

  19. kscrp Reply

    lets protect the children

  20. maria meijers Reply

    I wish Jackie all the best , you’ve done a good and a hell of a job by coming to the Netherlands. Speak up for THE CHILDEREN of the WORLD in our Dutch parlement and on Dutch television.
    Love, Maria.

  21. SKPAbuse Reply

    Together we have a chance to do something to give our children a save place to live, where ever on this world. And remember..

    We’re all standing so much stronger together because ..
    Don’t we all pursuing the same goal ..saving children from any harm?

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