Action Pour Les Enfants


Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) Cambodia was started in 2003 and is a child protection NGO dedicated to combating child sexual abuse and exploitation. APLE runs a unique, and one of the largest and most comprehensive, child protection programs to detect, prevent and suppress child sexual abuse and exploitation in Cambodia by local and traveling sex offenders through prevention, protection and promotion of prosecution in Cambodia and abroad. Partnering closely with the Cambodian National Police, APLE assists in the rescue of victims and seeks to rehabilitate and attain justice for victims and their families with a dedicated team of lawyers, social workers and investigators. So far APLE has provided 584 victims with social support and 516 with legal support. Most victims were victimized by traveling sex offenders from Europe and America.

A total of 257 arrests were made in cases that were investigated by APLE. This led to 175 convictions in Cambodia or abroad while 29 cases are still pending. Of all offenders arrested in APLE cases, 27.5% had one or more previous convictions in their countries of origin or a third country. The actual figure will be (much) higher because in 69.5% of the cases, a background check wasn’t conducted or the information could not be retrieved.


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